Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

We as Americans will rise together and fall together. I believe political civility is the cornerstone to our nation’s continued prosperity for success. My “For us” campaign acknowledges that understanding.

I pledge to reach across the aisle to best serve the 20th district. To neglect ideas based on political parties is to neglect my strong community of friends and family.

Protecting our children

I believe at the base of the 2nd Amendment is a powerful American desire to protect our families. In the beginning this was against a tyrannical government. Times have changed and so have some of the threats. I stand by and for the 2nd Amendment as a tool for protecting our children, as the threats change so must our response to them. Our policy makers have a duty to act on bi-partisan legislation to ensure we are protecting our children.

Securing our border and our nation

Immigration is necessary for the healthy growth of the economy. Anyone who wants to pursue the American dream and become an American citizen should be welcomed. Immigrants continue to choose America as their home because of the liberties and freedoms our constitution was meant to uphold. Our current immigration system is flawed, making it difficult and time-consuming for those law-abiding immigrants to become citizens. This is unacceptable. I support creating an easier path to citizenship for those who want to choose the American dream and call the United States home.


Education is critical for the United States to compete on a global stage. We’re currently ranked 24th in the world in education for Math and Science. We need to incentivize the STEM programs in schools. It’s imperative that we better prepare our students for college or the workforce by providing a better education and opportunity for trade programs. Our youth are leaving college unable to find well-paying jobs making it impossible to pay back their student loan debt obligations at an increasingly alarming rate.

Health Care

Government regulation in the healthcare industry is creating more expensive plans for individuals and small businesses through a tax scheme that disproportionately favors big business by penalizing companies and individuals who cannot afford to offer competitive health care benefits. In Congress, I will stand up for small business owners and vote to incentivize Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) rather than the big business health insurance marketplace.

Opioid Addiction Crisis

As a police officer, I’ve seen firsthand the horror of illegal drugs and how they affect our community.

I do not just “talk” about fighting drugs I’ve carried out high-risk search warrants as part of the Emergency Services Unit (SWAT) and physically removed drugs from drug dealers who had intent to sell.

We have to approach this with direct and effective education to our young. We must support the men and woman of law enforcement and give them the tools and resources to swiftly arrest drug dealers and get them off the streets. In Congress, I will make sure that all voices are heard so that common-sense solutions are met. Addiction touches everybody. We all have a connection to someone who has battled or is battling this awful disease.